Sentinel-1A’s TOPS explains the 2014-15 Fogo eruption

COMET researchers have used the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-1A satellite to shed light on the 2014-15 eruption at Fogo, the most active volcano in the Cape Verde archipelago. Their paper, published in Geophysical Research Letters, investigates the eruption using Sentinel-1A’s new radar acquisition mode, Terrain Observation by Progressive Scans (TOPS). Fogo has erupted at least … Continue reading Sentinel-1A’s TOPS explains the 2014-15 Fogo eruption

Pico do Fogo eruption

COMET scientists used the Sentinel-1A satellite to map ground movements associated with an ongoing volcanic eruption in the remote island of Fogo, Cape Verde. An eruption from Pico do Fogo volcano, which makes up the island of Fogo (Cape Verde), began inside the Cha das Caldera in the morning of 23 November, after increased seismic activity … Continue reading Pico do Fogo eruption

Sentinel-1 satellite captures volcanic surface changes that reveal the flow below

Pablo Gonzalez’s work on the 2014 Pico do Fogo eruption has been featured in the AGU’s Eos magazine. The research uses a new satellite imaging system to model the subsurface path of the magma that fed the eruption, and shows that Sentinel-1’s TOPS InSAR technique has the potential to be used to study other natural hazards, … Continue reading Sentinel-1 satellite captures volcanic surface changes that reveal the flow below

COMET datasets and services

COMET-LICS Sentinel-1 InSAR portal Topographic datasets  IASI Near Real Time Website This page displays data from the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Instruments (IASI) on board ESA’s MetOp-A and MetOp-B satellite platforms as analysed for the presence of volcanic SO2 in the atmosphere, using methods developed by the Earth Observation Data Group at the University of Oxford. … Continue reading COMET datasets and services

COMET Publications

Download the 2015/16 COMET Annual Report 2016 Grützner, C., Fischer, P., & Reicherter, K., Holocene surface ruptures of the Rurrand Fault, Germany—insights from palaeoseismology, remote sensing and shallow geophysics, Geophysical Journal Int, 2016, DOI: 10.1093/gji/ggv558 Fuchs MJ; Hooper A; Broerse T; Bouman J, Distributed fault slip model for the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake from GNSS and … Continue reading COMET Publications

Earthquakes & eruptions

This page lists our work on recent earthquakes and eruptions across the globe.  You can read more about each event below by clicking on the title, and find details of older events in our earthquakes and eruptions archives. Earthquakes 24 August/27 and 30 October 2016: Apennines Earthquakes  25 April/12 May 2015: Nepal Earthquake 24 August 2014: Napa Valley … Continue reading Earthquakes & eruptions

Our research

COMET is aiming to significantly improve the understanding of tectonic and volcanic processes and the hazard they present.  We have three overarching aims for 2014-2019: to measure tectonic strain with unprecedented resolution for the entire planet; to measure deformation and gas release at every active volcano; and to combine these data sets with ground-based observations … Continue reading Our research